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Wir halten Staufen zusammen
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Initiative to preserve the historic Old Town of Staufen / Southern Germany
History of the events
  • 2006/07
    General renovation of the Staufen historic Town Hall and of the Administration Building behind the Town Hall (the former Fire Station) is started.
    At the same time, the Staufen Town Council decides to heat and cool the two Town Hall buildings with geothermal energy, an innovative energy management system.
    The city's application for permission to do the necessary ground drilling (to 140m or 459.32 inches) deep is presented to the responsible department (Geology, Mining and Commodities) of the Regional Board in Freiburg (Staufen's neighbor city). The application is ultimately approved by the Water Protection agency of the District Office.

  • September 2007
    A specialized company carries out the seven drillings between the two Town Hall buildings.
  • End of the year 2007
    The first professional analysis concludes that when water from an underground aquifer, came into contact with anhydrite (a mineral, that expands when exposed to water and turns into gypsum) it initially caused the ground to sink, but then, as more and more gypsum was produced, caused the ground to swell.

  • October 2008
    The first expert sent by the Freiburg County Court is available: Water entered into a gypsum-keuper layer and in combination with anhydrite gypsum is being produced with a 60% increase of volume.

  • June 2009
    The ground in Staufen is lifting approximately one centimeter (0.39 inches) per month. Some places have lifted by as much as 16 centimeter (6.3 Inches) and the buckling continues to increase.
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