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Wir halten Staufen zusammen
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Initiative to preserve the historic Old Town of Staufen / Southern Germany
The world is looking at Staufen

"Will Staufen break apart" or "A crack goes through Staufen" are news in the medias around the world which we did not expect after the renovation of the historical town hall.

Staufen faces one of the biggest challenges of its history. The showcase turns into the activator of a highly visible disaster.
According to the "Faust" legend Mephisto was gone into the ground right at this place appr. 500 years ago. Shall this place never come back to rest now?


wants to make a contribution to save the historical and landmarked old town of "collapsing in slow motion".


We appeal everybody for taking part in saving our unique cultural monument.


We want to show to the financially affected people that we are a strong community and we do not let them alone with their sorrows and fears but we want to help energetically.
We, that is the population of Staufen as well as all friends and benefactors of our town Staufen.

We want to use the media attention positively and show that we do not just wait until anything is done for us. We want to get something going for our lovely town and we want to do everything possible and impossible to bring back the situation of before the beginning of this disaster.

YOU can help.


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